Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Welcome to Ontario's Highlands

Welcome to the first installment of our blog, “Come to Know Sledding in Ontario’s Highlands”!   
Over the next few weeks we will introduce you to some of Ontario’s most beautiful snow covered trails and unique vistas. If you are already a snowmobiler, names like “Ride Around the Park” and the Haliburton Forest may be familiar to you. If you have often thought about trying snowmobiling and wondered where to start- this is the place! There are several outfitters in the area covered by the Ontario’s Highlands that would be happy to set you up and show you what you need to know to enjoy a day on the trails. The Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs (OFSC) has great information to introduce you to the sport as well.
Club Events are not hard to find in Ontario's Highlands OFSC Districts
And there’s no lack of choice when it comes to accommodation. Whether you prefer the intimate personal touch of a family-owned bed and breakfast, an “easy-in and easy-out” motor inn, or the luxurious pampered atmosphere of a resort and spa, we’ve got it all.
But there’s one aspect of your visit that you’ll remember just as much (if not more) than the incredible scenery and outdoor adventure: the people you’ll meet.  All of the dedicated owners and operators in the hospitality industry love people-that’s why they do what they do. And the folks waiting to welcome you in Ontario’s Highlands are some of the most friendly you’ll find anywhere. So, let’s have a look at some of the great snowmobiling experiences in store for you in Ontario’s Highlands!
If you look at our map, you’ll notice that The Ontario’s Highlands wrap around almost half of Algonquin Park (the oldest and one of the largest provincial parks). This provides the route for the “Ride Around the Park” or RAP Tour as it’s known. This is one of the oldest and best-known planned snowmobile tour routes. At 850 kilometres, depending on your experience (and stamina!), the tour will take between three and seven days to complete.  There are several possible stops along the route with accommodations, great food, fuel and more.  This is the tour that makes it on to Bucket Lists everywhere!
The double-wide trails in the Haliburton Forest and Reserve are a treat for all to ride.
The Haliburton Forest and Reserve is a privately owned, 70,000 acre woodland area boasting over 300 km of trails and fifty frozen lakes. The Wolf Centre is a considered to be a world leader in wolf research and education. Industry critics have rated the Forest as one of the top 10 snowmobiling destinations in North America. The base camp at Lake Kennissis has all the provisions you need from fuel to sled rentals and more. One thing to remember: in order to keep traffic manageable, the Reserve limits the number of daily riders to 100, so plan ahead to get your permit.
These are just two of the better known sledding attractions in Ontario’s Highlands. The fact of the matter is that there is great sledding throughout our area. The eastern portion of OFSC District 1 has some excellent trail loops that run through the heart of the Highlands. Have a look at their Trail Loops map for more details. OFSC District 2 covers much of the central region of Ontario’s Highlands and has over 2,000 kilometres of groomed trails available. That should keep you busy! 
Check out their website for more information.
Wherever you go snowmobiling in Ontario’s Highlands, you’ll be met by smiling faces, a warm welcome and cold crisp days of adventure. If you hibernate during the winter, that’s OK too. You’re always welcome. But our guess is that if you’re reading this blog, you’ve either waited too long to try sledding, or you’ve already got the belts and plugs changed and the ol’ throttle thumb is getting that familiar twitch.
Ontario’s Highlands consistently has some of the highest snowfalls in Ontario. Even when other visitors to other areas are debating whether to a get in some late-season golf or maybe try for one last bike spin, we’re getting the groomers ready and trimming the trails to perfection. Keep checking back- we’ll be giving you more information on where to go, what to see and who to stay with when you Come to Know Sledding in Ontario’s Highlands!
Ontario's Highlands, where the trails are great and the people are friendly!

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